Our communications have COLLAPSED. Something went TERRIBLY WRONG and you just, you just LET IT HAPPEN. You watched our precious INSTALL turn to BAD DATA. You IGNORED all the signs.

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The Player The User The Agent

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Do not blindly trust the simulated entities, they are not real.

More news is inevitable. Something happens this Fall.

Try the prequel game that set the events in motion

Now available in remastered cross-platform glory

StepBack Engine

A state of the art simulation engine designed to scale far beyond the limits of a simple game. The StepBack Engine is a next generation ssh-compliant text-based game engine that executes programs in a fictional virtual machine. The backbone of the simulation system is designed specifically for time travel and for allowing simulated entities to rewire themselves as they see fit. Sitting on top of this stack is the Online Layer, a lua-based fantasy console that extends StepBack beyond its own limits.

An evolving situation

The simulated world evolves around you. As time passes in the simulation, all of its living entities are carrying tasks of their own and accomplish goals that they set for themselves. Your actions are the disturbance in a natural order. The StepBack simulation guarantees all of the entities a share of the processing allocated to the world.