Easily corrupt videogames and programs in real-time with this free open-source suite of corruption tools.

RTC’s technology makes it possible to corrupt a wide variety of emulated systems and edit/improve the results as seen fit.

Health Warning

Videogame corruptions can cause programs to output loud noises and flashy images. If you are prone to seizure, react strongly to flashing lights or loud noises, do not use or cease making/playing corruptions.


Corrupting is an experimental hobby involving manipulation of data in a manner that glitches out programs for entertainment value. Crafting program glitches is an art form.

While RTC is built in a way that should in no way harm your computer, we cannot take responsibility for anything that should happen to your computer while using our software. Don’t corrupt system32, be smart.

Please do not in any circumstance corrupt online videogames. It will be perceived as hacking and can get you banned. Just like cheating, corrupting online games is unethical as it can harm the other players.

How to get RTC

RTCV, modded emulators, packages and VRUN are available for download on the RTC Launcher. This program lets you download components and updates.

System Requirements:
Windows 10 64-bit and a decent cpu/gpu.

💾 Download RTC Launcher

Modded Emulators

The RTC Launcher comes with a selection of downloadable packages. These include Emulators that have been modded with our Vanguard technology.

Bizhawk: Multi-emulator, has cores for many old consoles up to (and including) the N64/PSX era of consoles.

Dolphin: GameCube / Wii emulator

MelonDS: Nintendo DS emulator

Citra: Nintendo 3DS emulator

PCSX2: Sony Playstation 2 emulator

MAME: Multi-emulator for arcade systems

Dosbox-x: x86 emulator for Dos games and programs

Stubs and Tools

For use cases where a modded emulator with Vanguard might not be possible, we have Stub programs that allows to use RTC with other things.

For corrupting Files and Game Engines (Extensible via templates)

For corruption Windows processes

Windows Volume Limiter
General process volume limiter that monitors sound and automates the windows mixer

Package Downloader
File browser and downloader for extending RTC via packages

Getting Started

If you want to get started quickly with RTC, watch one of our tutorial videos or check our guides on the Wiki

📄 Online Guide at Corrupt.wiki


The development of RTC is currently done by Ircluzar (Phil Girard) and Narry (Dan B).

A special thanks to NullShock78, AbsenteeSurgeon, BitRain, ChrisNonyminus, Spotty Len, Moogie, Retrocombine, Cosmo Cortney, VGDC, ZeroDucksGiven, Lyra, Killysunt, Weinerless Steve, Alex Lemieux, Maiddog, Rikerz, Vinesauce and everyone who helped and is still helping with testing our software.

If you wish to contribute to development, testing or share your corruptions with the community, feel free to join our Discord server. Make sure you read and abide to the rules :)

RTC Dev - Redscientist Labs Discord

VRUN : Corrupt The World

VRUN is a randomized platforming shooter featuring 6 levels of randomly-generated torture. Harvest energy crystals and upgrade your virus into a mass-deletion process. Brute-force your way to the system's core in this corruption-themed platformer.

💾 Get VRUN on the RTC Launcher

Chip Furnace

This Youtube channel features daily corrupted songs, submitted and curated by community members.

Submission of music corruptions for the channel are done through the RTC Discord.

🎵 Chip Furnace on Youtube

Source code and Releases

All the repositories for the various components of RTCV are publicly available on the GitHub Redscientist Labs organization.

💾 RTCV on GitHub

💾 Redscientist Labs on GitHub

All public releases are generally issued via the RTC Launcher. If for some reason you cannot use the RTC Launcher, the various packages are also available in zip format for manual install.

💾 RTCV Releases

💾 RTCV Addons (Stubs and emulators)

💾 RTCV Packages (Package Downloader)