History of Redscientist

Redscientist was founded in 2010 by Phil Girard ( Ircluzar / Dome18 / The Seagull Department / Deltanoyz ) and Alex Lemieux (Aons Overdriven / Evil INC.) to promote experimental music for a few music projects, namely for "The Seagull Derpartment", "Aons Overdriven" and "Evil INC." . With quick expansion and rapid increase in album releases, it became an environment for experimental arts.

In 2011, The website was flourishing at an astonishing speed and became more than just a placeholder for a few projects. Redscientist was renamed Redscientist Media to promote its primary function: distributing experimental media. Redscientist started offering free distribution music for artists who shared a common media for open arts.

In 2015, The Real-Time Corruptor was invented and brought the world of modern videogame corruptions. The RTC project has been mainely developped by Ircluzar and NarryG before the advent of Vanguard Technology. Since then, RTC has been written by various individuals including Ircluzar in a public discord environment.

In 2020, Redscientist Media was renamed Redscientist Labs to promote the development branch for the Real-Time Corruptor.

Licencing and use of material

Redscientist has been committed to producing free music and software from it's very beginning. We take pride in sharing our creations with the world in a way that makes it accessible to basically everyone.

You can find below detailed information about the content distributed on the website.

Music Licencing

All the music on Redscientist is distributed under a distributed under a Creative Commons License Creative Commons License Creative Commons Attribution-SA 3.0 Unported License unless specified otherwise.

Music Submission

If you make experimental/electronic music and would like to have it showcased on Redscientist, simply contact us via one of the methods below. We distribute all works under the same Creative Commons licence and can link distributed albums to your bandcamp page. Every approved submission is considered final and archived in the Redscientist music catalog.

Real-Time Corruptor

RTCV is mostly licenced and distributed under an Open Source MIT Licence. Modded emulator packages may be licenced differently due to emulator licences. Each package contains a list of Licence files containing that information.

VRUN Games

The VRUN Games, such as Corrupt The World, Glitch Attack and Eternal Degrade, are shareware and distributed at such. The source code of the games is closed and developped internally.

Optional Fun

Optional Fun is a satellite website for Community-made content, artisanal and historical corruptors and cursed games.

VRUN Games

VRUN Games is a branch of Redscientist Labs that focuses on glitchart-related games

Some of the games under this banner are Closed Source in nature unless specified otherwise.

You are allowed to download, share, record, stream and mod our games.

Chip Furnace Youtube channel

The videos on the Chip Furnace are public domain. If you want to use a corrupted song posted on Chip Furnace, feel free to rip it and use it in your various creations.

Please credit Chip Furnace for the use of the video. A little something in the description or a shoutout would be very appreciated.

Music corruptions posted on Chip Furnace do not get claimed by Content ID on Youtube due to their corrupted nature. If a song on our channel gets claimed, it will be written in the video description.

Clown Vomit Youtube channel

The content published on Clown Vomit is made by various individual within the RTC Discord. Proper credit is usually given in video descriptions.


You can usually find us on our Discord server or you can alternatively send us an e-mail.

RTC Dev - Redscientist Labs Discord

📧 contact@redscientist.com