RTC Discord - Redscientist Labs

If you need advanced help, want to report bugs, ask features or even help with development, we have a development Discord server.

The main rules are the following:

→ Do not spam, post memes or cause trouble.

→ Prioritize big blocks of text over multiple posts, limit your amount of posts and if you need help, make sure to give as much information about your trouble. If you attempt to help others, make sure the information you give is correct or let someone else answer.

→ #corruption_general is for discussing of corruption-related things.

→ #corruption_showcase is for sharing corruptions you made. Please focus on new discoveries and experiments with new features. Don't post SMB1 tileset vomit or 3d spikes and needles.

→ #corruption_help is for requesting help or any kind of support for corruption-related programs, technique and all sorts of issues. Use this channel to discuss about issues before reporting an actual bug.

→ #dev_builds is where we announce non-public builds for testing.

→ #corruption_research is where active researchers brainstorm and share discoveries.

→ Keep the discussion in the "corruptions" channels focused to RTC, corruptions and other relevant topics. No random chit-chat.

→ Some of our members have some online notoriety. I will gently ask you stay calm and polite when they are around and refrain from bugging them. Childish fanboyism is not tolerated.

→ For anything related to music submission on Redscientist, feel free to ping or DM Ircluzar.

The rules above are the main rules, more detailed information resides in #rules. Please read them.
If you agree to the rules shown above, you can join at the link below

I agree. Let me in