Glitch Attack DataCard Packs

These packs are community-made playing cards featuring colorful designs, pixel art graphics and DataCard payloads that make the Board Game Engine function.

The files contained in each pack are PNG files called DataCards, which encodes scripts and savestates within the image itself.

While these packs of PNG cards are essential for the magic of the game, they do not contain any of the files you need to run the game. You have to provide your own rom which corresponds to the Pack. When matchmaking online, the server will enforce that everyone uses the same exact file to ensure compatibility. No user data is ever retained on the game's server.

Subcon Supreme

DataCards for Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES)

Required Rom version: [U] PRG0
Board Tiles: 28
Game DataCards: 91

💾 Direct Download


The development of this card pack was done by Ircluzar, Tenta, MaxMinerva and Minty Cups.

A special thanks for their massive contributions to asset development. Thanks everyone who helped testing the game.

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